Liberal Arts and Communications

Liberal Arts and Communications

Broaden your Knowledge

From the moment you begin your studies at Columbia International University, you will belong to a community that challenges, encourages and equips you for your future. You will receive an excellent foundation for life with course work that helps you grow your critical thinking and communications skills, taught within a community that cares.

Solid academic programs prepare you for the future, and the career resource center and professional networks you develop help you gain an advantage in a competitive job market.. Professors will work with you individually to fit your academic experience, interests and career goals either in the US or abroad.

Our goal is to help you to be prepared for your future by growing spiritually, mentally and emotionally while processing life throughout your college experience.

Liberal Arts and Communications Degree Programs


Benefits of a CIU Degree

  • Highly Engaged Classes: Taught by professionals, the classroom environment involves driven professors to teach you relevant and effective information in the educational field.
  • Global Impact: CIU contains a diverse student body, which allows for opportunity to biblically educate worldwide.
  • Networking Opportunities: You will have increased marketability, allowing yourself for plenty of job opportunities in the future from any organization.
  • Transfer-Friendly Programs: From any college, from anywhere you are at, we provide transfer-friendly programs that allow you to enroll from where you left off.
  • Personal Growth and Self-Esteem: You will find yourself in a deeply rewarding experience through this degree, allowing yourself to polish your presentation skills and social interactions with students who will become part of your valuable career network.