Impact Stories

Alumni Impact Stories

CIU is small but our impact is large. CIU graduates serve God through academic and professional training here and then work to make Him known wherever He leads them.

There are more than 18,000 stories our alumni can tell. Here, a few of them share how they’re using their CIU education to make an eternal difference in diverse fields.

How is God using you? Share your impact story with us.

A photo of Bill Harding, CIU 2014 Alumni of the Year.

Bill Harding

Ministering in Ethiopia

A photo of Vivian Ochoa, Columbia International University alumnus.

Vivian Ochoa

Serving in Ghana

A photo of Jeremy Kingsley, Columbia International University graduate.

Jeremy Kingsley

Two Life-Changing Words

A photo of Robbie McAllister, a CIU alumnus.

Robbie McAllister

Living My Motto

A photo of Sara Nixon, a CIU alumnus, assisting a student.

Sara Nixon

As White As Snow

A photo of April Hatten, a CIU alumnus and ministering professional.

April Hatten

Follow God's Dreams

A photo of Chesed Berry, a Columbia International University alumnus.

Chesed Berry

More Than I Ever Dreamed

A photo of Erin Austin, CIU alumnus.

Erin Austin 

Broken But Priceless

A photo of Kurt Nelson, CIU alumnus.

Kurt Nelson

Removing the Bracelet

A photo of Davon Stack, CIU alumnus.

Davon Stack

Building With Bricks

A photo of Adrian Despres, CIU alumnus.

Adrian Despres

No Helmet. Real Impact.

A photo of Daniel Blomberg, CIU alumnus.

Daniel Blomberg

Religious Freedom

A photo of John Weaver, CIU alumnus.

John Weaver

Serving on the Front Line

A photo of Edafe Emamezi, CIU alumnus.

Edafe Emamezi

Heart 4 Nigeria

A photo of Laura Story, CIU alumnus.

Laura Story

The Blessings of a Story

A photo of Laura Hight, CIU alumnus.

Laura Hight

My Calling

A photo of Paul Young, CIU alumnus, drawing.

Paul Young

Drawing Others to Christ

A photo of Reeves Cannon, CIU alumnus.

Reeves Cannon

God Changes the Play

A photo of CIU alumnus Stan Guthrie.

Stan Guthrie

Spreading the Word

A photo of Steve and Arlene Richardson, CIU alumni.

Steve & Arlene Richardson

Quilts in the Tropics

A photo of Tim Gaster, CIU alumnus.

Tim Gaster

I Didn't Plan This; God Did.

Walter Smiechewicz

Walter Smiechewicz

Investing in God's Business

Brian Bohlman

Brian Bohlman

The Power of Thank You